Smile Program

Smile is a program we have launched to enhance the communication that exists between the families of our residents and our staff. We have been working with CarexTech, Inc., a leading healthcare communications company. Smile gives families 24/7 access to their loved one’s daily activities and also allows staff to securely send positive messages, pictures and videos to families. Family members will receive notifications whenever there is a message from Country Meadow Place. Communication is always a two way-street, so Smile also provides a way for families to talk to our caregivers and staff. Using Smile, you can send messages, pictures, videos and music files to our staff to share with your loved one. You can use Smile on any computer, tablet or smart phone – wherever and whenever you have access to the Internet. Please help us with this initiative by giving your email address to Amber Smith, Life Enrichment Coordinator,, or call Amber at 641-423-7722, so you too can be part of Smile.



“It was getting very difficult to maintain our home.”


“We had to hire people to cut our grass and shovel our drive way.”